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Our History

empayit was founded in 2018 by Denis Peteh, a serial entrepreneur with a solid computer science education from Blekinge tekniska högskola, in Karlskrona Sweden. Denis started his career in the strong automotive industry dominated, home town of Olofström . Due to a strong passion for sales and entrepreneurship, he started his first company in 1995, DTHB, a trading company within the retail sector. The  company cooperated with global brands providing them with  sales and logistics services. Clients were the largest Scandinavian retailers.


In 2005 Denis together with former class mate from BTH started Mobill AB, this time within the  telecom and fintech sector. This companys orientation was to provide secure, user friendly mobile payments that worked from all mobile phones in many different  environments. 

Mobill partnered with all Swedish telecom operators as well as leading payment service providers in Sweden. The company faced a quick growth and implemented  mobile parking payment solutions in almost all major municipalities in Sweden as well as mobile ticketing for public transport operators covering more than 50 cities. Biggest achieval was the deployment of a mobile ticketing service for SL /StorStockholms länstrafik) that has generated almost 50 million mobile tickets for metro, commuter train, bus and ferry in the large Stockholm area since 2013


empayit was started 2018 with the objective to provide user friendly and secure mobile payment solutions for today and the next coming 10 years, that will enable authorities and merchants globally to easily collect payment for products and services. Our solutions are based on establishing a fair, simple and sustainable eco-system with clear processes and KPI’s that can easily be measured and acted upon.


The technology is cloud based and custom made for any kind of merchant, so that they can accept secure mobile payments from any type of mobile phone. Our experience from being a pioneer in the M-commerce domain tells us that consumers likes simple, functional and secure digital solutions. There are several upsides with mobile payments such as KYC, anti fraud and simple revenue assurance.

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